Being in a traffic collision is extremely scary and can be awfully traumatic. It is easy to feel overwhelmed following the incident and not know what to do next or who to report to. Knowing ahead of time when you should report a traffic collision can make the situation go a lot smoother and will ensure you follow the correct steps so you can get back on the road faster. If the answer to any of the following questions is, “yes,” then reporting the incident to police is necessary.


Are There Injuries?

If you or the other party involved in the collision are injured, the incident needs to be reported to police right away. You can call 403-266-1234 or 9-1-1. These numbers should be saved into your cell phone in case you ever are involved in an auto collision.


Does the Damage Exceed $2,000?

How extensive is the damage? If the collision is extremely minor, it most likely does not need to be reported to police. If your or the other driver’s car has a lot of damage, specifically over $2,000 worth, it needs to be reported. Once you do so, you will be given a collision sticker. This lets the police know that a report has previously been filed and allows your body shop to begin repairs.


Was it a Hit and Run?

Auto collisions are never something that anyone wants to go through. However, it can always be made worse by being a hit and run situation. If you are involved in a collision and the other driver leaves, it needs to be reported to authorities as soon as possible regardless of injuries or damages to your vehicle. Try to obtain as much as the information as possible about the other car, like what it looked like and which direction it was headed in order to help police.

Know when to report auto collisions authorities right away so you can get help. Remember, if there are injuries, over $2,000 worth of damage, or you were involved in a hit and run, call the police and file a report.