Witnessing a crime can be quite disturbing especially where injuries have occurred. Being a witness to a crime means that you are liable to presenting the precise information of the occurrence of events. In some cases, you will need to respond to some questions to the police. Today, hit and run is a popular crime and anyone can witness it. As follows, it is crucial if you are oblivious of what to do in case you are a witness.

Assess the safety of the crime scene before you approach it. In some instances, there are oil spillage and breakages that could hurt you. If the crime scene is safe, proceed to look whether there are some injuries. In case there is, do not handle the patient until the paramedics arrive. You may call the police to assess the crime.

You will be asked to give a description of the car i.e. the number plate. Therefore, always write down or capture the number plate of the car that has committed the crime. This is to enable easy verification of the car.

In the case of hit and run for an unattended vehicle, write down the license plate, your name, and cell number in case you can’t find the driver. Stick it in a secure place that the driver can easily see.

Reporting a hit and run incident is enormous as many individuals may perceive. Remember, the victim of the crime would genuinely appreciate if you reported this. Moreover, next time you might be the victim and you will need help.

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