This winter, Calgary experienced snowfall levels that reached record levels. Many resorted to abandoning their vehicles, as a result of getting stuck and not being able to get their vehicles out of the snow. It is an unfortunate situation for anyone to have to undergo, but not a situation that is inescapable. Over the winter, if many were prepared with the proper tools to recovering their vehicles then they would have been able to travel to their destinations both happily and safely.


Remove Surrounding Snow
The first thing you will want to do, once your car is stuck in snow, is to remove any snow that is surrounding the wheels of your car that are stuck in the snow. You can use your hands for this, but it will be best to use a shovel if you have one.


Get Traction for Tires
Whether it be planks of wood, gravel, or sand, it is important that your tires have something to grab onto so that they can roll off of the snow. Place any of these items in front, and behind, your tires so that once you drive the car your tires have some grip.


Drive the Car
There are a few more tricks that will help your car regain traction. Using a vehicle’s four-wheel drive system or lowest gear, for example, will allow the car to produce more torque. After you have prepared the area, around your tires, you should try to drive your car out of the snow. Do not press your gas pedal all the way, so as to allow your wheels to slip, but press the pedal moderately so that the car can have enough power to move forward. If you discover that your car can no longer move forward, then place the car in reverse until it cannot reverse, then repeat the process; alternating between forwards and backwards.


Have Someone Pull You Out
In the worst-case scenario, you may have to call a tow truck or a friend to pull you out of the snow. A vehicle with adequate traction, power, and a winch can easily pull a stuck vehicle out of a sticky situation.


The best way to ensure that you are prepared for a situation, such as removing your car from snow, is to pack the proper gear into your car. Having tools, such as a shovel, can make rescuing your vehicles so much easier.