The Glare of Unsightly Mirrors

Whether your vehicle’s mirrors were shattered by an accident, deeds of criminal mischief, or a hazardous brush with the environment, we know that auto mirror damage is a nuisance that is preventable. The following tips demand prompt consideration as you maintain your vehicle’s lustre:


Pay Close Attention
Sometimes, auto mirror damage is self-induced. You may have rushed in and out of a busy parking lot, or you might have opened your door too quickly, causing a collision between your side mirror and the neighbouring car. Ensure your mirrors are not extended more than they should be to prevent unfortunate cracking.


Supervise Your Kids
Shiny things like mirrors appeal to more than just magpies. Teach your children that while your vehicle’s mirrors look pretty, they are not to be touched. Auto mirrors are delicate, and the slightest fumbling of little fingers may cause some cracks and breaks. Your children may want to look into your auto mirrors, but stress to them the virtue of not touching. This rule particularly applies to power mirror controls.


Clean Carefully
A harsh scrubbing with rough material and chemical cleaners may leave unintended, lasting damage. If the cleaner in your hands leaves streaks on your mirrors, abandon the cleaner for something gentler. Never resort to brushes, and do your best to not directly touch your auto mirrors with your bare hands. Your natural oils may do more than smudge your auto mirrors, and careless cleaning often leads to untidy breakage.


Park Safely
Keep a mental note of unsavory places to park and congregate, whether these include dark corners by the shopping mall or unvisited, unlit patches of concrete by the park your children play. Secluded areas often host troublesome activities that leave your auto mirrors wrecked and unworkable. Save grief, time, and money by avoiding areas that seem even slightly questionable.


Check Up On Your Auto Mirrors
While the listed precautions help immensely in preserving the life and glimmer of your auto mirrors, accidents happen and elements like debris cause breaks out of anyone’s control. Routinely checking the state of your auto mirrors puts you in control and in clearer sight of your vehicle’s overall health.


Don’t let auto mirror damage linger as an unpleasant eyesore. Call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at (403) 536-0518 for any questions on our services.